Monday, January 12, 2009

This week's writing goals

It's a miracle! I actually accomplished all of last week's goals. Will it ever happen again? Too soon to say...

Here are the goals for this week, and a recap of the monthly goals, to keep me honest:
Writing Goals

This Week (Jan 12-18):
1. Update blog
2. Enter “The Verb” contest by 1/15
3. Enter “Chase the Dream” contest 1/12
4. Get info to webmaster for updates of website
5. Write C-F on Everyday Witch A to Z Spellbook
6. Reread and polish WEWYC thru page 190
7. Send out 3 Queries for Witch Ever Way You Can
8. Finish and send in judging scores for Golden Heart
9. Read and critique 2 entries for Great Expectations

This Month (January 2009)
1. Finish all edits on WEWYC (set aside other than agent/contest submissions)
2. Complete thru “L” on Everyday Witch Spellbook
3. Review and revise first 100+ pages of King Me!
4. Send 10 queries for WEWYC (if necessary)
5. Get contract for Everyday Witch Spellbook
6. Update blog weekly
7. Write up outline for Witch Ever Way You Turn
8. Write additional 50 pages on first draft of King Me!
9. Find 2 opportunities for freelance article writing

IN other news, my friend Shannon got some great news, which I'll share when I can. Robin and George bought a new house (which is going to make it hard to gather for our writing group, but is still good news for them).

And I was notified that I am a finalist in the 2009 "Emily" contest! Yippe!

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