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Monday, October 26, 2015

Goddities Website and Lucienne Diver!

I have a cool new website to share with y'all! It is called GODDITIES and it is done by my author/agent friend Lucienne Diver, based on her Latter-Day Olympians books (which are a hoot, by the way). It is a kind of tongue-in-cheek faux blog by one of the quirky characters in the books. There are pictures and descriptions of lots of Greek gods and goddesses...and some of these folks are seriously hot! I'm just saying.

Not only is it cool and fun, but since Lucienne got a bunch of her friends to dress up and pose for the pictures, you might just find someone you know featured on the website. If you're curious, check out HECATE. She might just look familiar...

The Kindle version of the first book in the series, BAD BLOOD is on sale right now for .99 cents, in case you want to catch up. Even better, the most recent BLOOD HUNT comes out tomorrow! (I'm just finishing up the one before that, and it rocks!) I'm so getting it.

Here's a blurb about the first book, to give you an idea of what the series is about:
The gods play…and mortals pay.
Latter-Day Olympians, Book 1
Tori Karacis’s family line may trace back to a drunken liaison between the god Pan and one of the immortal gorgons. Or…maybe it’s just coincidence that her glance can, literally, stop men in their tracks. While her fear of heights kept her out of the family aerobatic troupe, her extreme nosiness fits right in with her uncle’s P.I. business.
Except he’s disappeared on an Odyssean journey to find himself. Muddling through on her own, she’s reduced to hunting (not stalking, because that would just be weird) brass-bra’d Hollywood agent Circe Holland to deliver a message…only to witness her murder by what looks like the Creature from the Black Lagoon.
Suddenly, all of her family’s tall tales seem believable, especially when Apollo—the Apollo, who’s now hiding out among humans as an adult film star—appears in her office, looking to hire her. She knows the drill: canoodling with gods never works out well for humans, but she’s irresistibly drawn to him. Maybe it’s her genes. Maybe not.
Given her conflicted feelings for one hot and hardened cop, it’s a toss-up which will kill her quickest. The danger at her door…or her love life.
Warning: Contains pot-boiling passion between a heroine who may—or may not—be a descendant of Medusa, and a hot god and a hunky cop with the…equipment…to handle her, even on her worst bad-hair day. Beware of killer kisses, trickster gods and bearded grandmothers Who Know Everything.
And just to tempt you to go visit the new website, here's Apollo!

paul loganYou're welcome, ladies.

And for the guys, here's Lucienne herself, in her guise as Artemis. I've always loved the Greek gods and goddesses, so this website is so much fun. I hope you think so too!

artemis3 Lucienne, I mean Artemis!

Do you have a favorite Greek god or goddess? Go check out the blog and tell me which one is your favorite. There might be a prize in it for someone who comments!


  1. Not a goddess originally, though she was elevated to immortal status, but I did always love the story of Psyche. I was weirdly fascinated in college with tracing the story from its first written appearance in The Golden Ass into the tale of Beauty and the Beast. My favorite research note was a plate that was discovered that appeared to show Pscyhe and Cupid that was significantly older than The Golden Ass and Greek, rather than Roman, and thus supporting the idea that she was a significant part of the two cultures, not something original to Apuleius.

    (apologies if any spellings are off, it's been a few years. I should really reread those and try my hand at translating the Latin of Apuleius again)

  2. That is a great blog. Iove the descriptions . Sounds just like family talking about family !

  3. Hectate has been one of my
    favorites with the healing herbs as that's my kind of thing .. She's looking good too!