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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

And So It Begins

I'm enjoying my Hibernation Vacation, and actually resting and reading a lot. I just started my friend Nancy Holzner's latest, HELLHOUND which is impressing the crap out of me. (If you haven't read this urban fantasy series yet, you're missing out.) I just whizzed through a contemporary romance by one of my favorite Brit authors, Trisha Ashley, called Chocolate Shoes and Wedding Blues, and a mystery by the wonderfully humorous Donna Andrews called Duck the Halls which nicely put me in the mood for what I saw when I woke up this morning:

Not much snow, thankfully, but enough to make it feel like winter instead of late fall. I guess it is time to put the rest of the little pumpkins on the compost heap. Sigh. But I have to admit, it is beautiful, in its own way.

Don't forget there are only two days left to enter the ongoing contest. There is at least one option you can do every day, if you have already entered. It doesn't look like we are going to meet any of the goals, alas, but don't worry--I'll still give away at least one prize anyway. I appreciate my loyal followers, every one!

Spread the word, if you are so inclined, and I'll be back to chatting about something later in the week.


  1. Seriously, your place looks like a dream destination for me right now. It finally dropped below 50 today and is super breezy, so I feel energized and vibrant. I love cold weather so much...there may be something wrong with me. ;)

    1. Come visit! I'll even let you shovel :-)

    2. The only thing wrong is that a cold-weather-loving woman is attached to a hot-weather-loving man. :)

  2. Snow is SO not my thing! I've loved the weather lending itself to flannel sheets and sweaters --- things I truly love --- but snow? No way! Yes, fear is involved. :)

  3. I must say winter is not really my cup of tea, too cold... but freshly fallen snow is always pretty and lovely to walk in (not to shovel! :D). We've had a couple of first snow flakes this morning. Nothing that stayed, but yep, the first ones have fallen.

  4. First flakes have flown here in Central Pennsylvania too...I love the snow. This is my favorite time of year! So looking forward to the first big snow this year... Hopefully on a weekend when I can stay snuggled up at home with my hubby George and Sara Kitty...