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Monday, October 10, 2011

Wolf Mountain or What I did with my Sunday when I was supposed to be working

Yesterday was Sunday, and as usual, I had a huge list of things I needed to do around here, including finishing the dismantling of the garden, putting a second coat of paint on the stairs inside while it is still warm enough to have the windows open, making jewelry, and of course, writing.

Instead, I ran off to play hookey with my friend Ellen. She called me up in the morning and invited me to go about an hour and 20 minutes away to the Wolf Mountain Nature Center in Smyrna, NY. They were having a festival there, their yearly fundraiser, with shows featuring the wolves...

Their two arctic foxes...

And Native American drumming and dancing....

Besides which, it was one of the last of the glorious days--78 degrees out, the sun was shining, the trees were turning all sorts of lovely colors--and the male protagonist of my current WIP is a Native American named Wolf.

Seriously...how could I not go?


  1. "and the male protagonist of my current WIP is a Native American named Wolf"

    Sounds like necessary research to me. And can I say, the guy in the picture is yummy.

  2. Totally counts as a research trip! Deduct the mileage and everything. ;o)

  3. I'm with Melissa - deduct! That was a totally necessary trip. Except, why wasn't I invited? *sigh*

    Seriously, it sounds like a great day and one that you needed.

  4. *Nods* Deduct it. Srsly.

    Glad you had fun!

  5. I'm glad you went! It was still work, and besides. You deserve play time, too.

    That artic fox is gorgeous!!!

  6. I always have a list of things to do on the weekend and yet I end up doing everything else. This past weekend and the past few nights was spent reading your book. But I did manage to stop long enough to make sure things got a little clean. Hope you had as wonderful a day as it sounds.

  7. Gracielou--clearly, you have your priorities straight :-)

    Thanks all--it was not only fun, it was damned cheap. Hardly anything to deduct! (I'm pretty sure that the cute little stuffed wolf I bought for inspiration won't count as research...)