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Friday, May 27, 2011

Feline Friday and Crimson Pillows Update

In a rare moment of harmony, Magic the Cat and her brother Mystic agree that they approve of both the new couch and the anti-fur and dropped-food comfy cover I bought for it. And yes, Lisa, I bought crimson cushions, just for you!


  1. So cute! My manicurst has a gray cat, Smokey, who loves to curl up in my lap or behind my head when she does my nails. No wonder I love going to her house. Although Barney gives me the onceover when I get home!

  2. I'm enjoying the Evolution of Your Living Room. But if you want to attract a man to your Distant 5 Cat Household, you were supposed to buy a big long massive couch! If you buy it, and put a men's magazine at one end, with the remote, and a box of pizza, he will come.

  3. love it. I need one for my cat, dog and my three sons.

  4. If this comes out as anonymous, it's really Clever Betty. Blogger and I aren't on good terms right now.
    I love the new look of your room. It looks very comfy as well as aesthetically pleasing.
    I didn't comment on the post, but your new boyfriend did look cute. Are you sure you didn't do a little something something to an old boyfriend who upset you? You can tell me, I'll never tell.

  5. Hey, it's Kathy Saucier, forgot I had this log on here for my "never used, but will be used" blog! Ha!
    Lookin' good! I see you have got your cats in the extra lard...er large size, thus making the couch appear not so huge. Using miniature kittehs would make the couch appear bigger. LOL!

  6. London Mabel--Don't worry..it's a recliner. If that's not man-bait, I don't know what is :-)

    And Kathy, Magic the Cat (the black one) is pretty normal sized...but her brother Mystic is fairly humungous. The whole house shakes when he walks. Of course, it is an old house.

  7. I hear ya! Hiro our Akita walks through the kitchen, which is over our bedroom and it sounds like a big guy pacing. Creepy when you are just coming out of a sleep in the middle of the night! :-P