Friday, May 1, 2020

Happy Beltane

It's May 1st (what the heck happened to March and April?!). A new month, and a new start, hopefully with better times on the way.

It's also May Day and Beltane, for those who celebrate. Normally, this would mean getting together with Blue Moon Circle for a ritual and feast, but of course, this year we can't gather together. It makes me sad, but I have lots of wonderful memories of Beltanes past, and hope for future holidays when things are back to (sort of) normal.

In the meanwhile, I hope that you have a blessed day, and if you don't celebrate, that the blossoming of May Day lifts your spirits. Thank you for spending another month with me.

This was from Beltane a couple of years ago. I might have a tiny solitary Beltane bonfire later...if it ever stops raining.

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