Friday, November 16, 2018

Feline Friday: A Kitten Update

I realized I hadn't posted a report on The Wild Bunch in a while, and since I just took them all to the vet on Wednesday for shots and exams, I figured this would be a good time.

They're all doing very well--getting along with each other and Angus. They're technically not kittens anymore, since Harry Dresden is 15 months old and Koshka and Ember are about 17 months. But they still ACT like kittens, ramming around and getting into things and occasionally breaking something. (Sigh.)

 This is Koshka, playing with all the toys at once.

 Harry seemed to enjoy his first Samhain/Halloween. He went dressed as a witch's cat.

 Ember is turning into a bit more of a cuddler than she was in the beginning, although when she comes to bed with me she still insists on sleeping down by my calves.

 Two black cats, but as different from each other as they can be.

 I call Koshka my "Fluffernutter," because he is both fluffy and nuts.

Angus gets along with everyone, thank goodness. He's enjoying being the one in charge for a change.

The vet report was good. Everyone is healthy. Ember is actually the heaviest, at 10.4 lbs--and because she's small, I'm going to have to watch her weight. She's a tiny bit tubby. Harry Dresden weighed 10.3 and is sleek and fast as a demon, and Koshka is 9.7 lbs--all that fur is deceptive, and he looks larger than he is. The other two have probably stopped growing. If Koshka is part Maine Coon, as we think, they can keep growing for 2 or 3 years, so he might get a bit bigger.

I still miss Magic and Mystic terribly, and these guys aren't as consistent about keeping me company in bed, which is rough and makes me threaten to get another cat...but mostly they are wonderful and I feel very lucky to have found them all.


  1. You thought it. Another cat will come. ��

  2. No! No! It was just an idle threat. (Although if I got one that snuggled with me at night like Harry used to when I first got him, I might consider it.)

    1. It's okay--Harry snuggled with me last night so I withdraw the threat.

  3. Felines are considered kittens until they hit the age of two so they're still kittens. My "Fearsome Foursome" become full cats next month.


  4. Loved the update. Glad everyone is well and healthy. I took my two kittens to the vet on Thursday and all got a clean bill of health. I'm blessed to have the all the noise and chaos. Happy to be a four Furbaby Momma!!

  5. I am a new fan/follower, and am currently reading (well, listening to on audio) "Everyday Witchcraft" and I feel like I am just getting to know Magic through your mentions of her throughout the book. How heartbreaking to hear that she's gone. But how wonderful that she is immortalized forever in the book. Feline overlord, indeed.

    1. Welcome to the crazy house, Jenna! And thank you for you comments about Magic. I still miss her every day, but she lives on in the wisdom she shares in this book and others.