Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Anniversaries Sweet and Sad

Happy March 1st, everyone! Only 20 days until Spring!

Today is special for two other reasons for me, The first, happy one, is that it is my Agent-versary! I can't believe I've been with the fabulous Elaine Spencer (and the wonderful Knight Agency) for SEVEN YEARS. Oh, my, how the time does fly. There is a lot to celebrate in those seven years, too. Elaine and I have both worked hard at forging a strong partnership, and at this point in our relationship, I can honestly say I can't think of any other agent I would rather be with. She cheers me on, celebrates with me when we have a win, commiserates with me when things don't go well, and is also a stellar First Reader and editor for my books (not all agents also edit, and she's great at it) so we can put out the best book possible for my beloved readers.

Those seven years have seen us sign a number of contracts together, including the three books in the Baba Yaga series, the first two in the Broken Rider series, three books in the Veiled Magic series, plus four novellas and my last four (I think) books for Llewellyn. The Llewellyn books would probably have come out even if I hadn't had an agent--the others, though, not likely. She is worth her price in pearls! (Don't worry, I didn't send her pearls, I sent her chocolate. I'm not crazy.)

The fabulous Elaine!
I can't believe that we don't have a picture of the two of us together (we've hung out in person at three separate RWA National conventions) but apparently, I don't. I'll have to remedy that this July when we meet up at the next one.

Thanks for everything you do, Elaine! Here's to another seven years of putting out great books together.


My other anniversary is a great deal sadder. Today it is a year since we lost my sweet Minerva, mother to Magic the Cat (Queen of the Universe) and Mystic the Magnificent. They haven't either of them been the same since she died, although they're doing okay. Mystic, in particular, has found solace in becoming snuggle buddies with pal Angus (who is just blissed out that he can now get on the bed, since Minerva used to hiss at him and chase him off, because it was her safe spot.)

Minerva and Mystic snuggled up together. They matched, except he is so much larger!

Magic, Minerva, and Mystic--the family in earlier days

Minerva in her last month
I brought them all home from the shelter together because in the end, I couldn't bear to separate this mama cat from two of her kittens. Best decision I ever made. She was a great mother, and although she was very timid with others, was incredibly sweet and loving with me and her babies. (It took her two years to sit on my lap--the folks at the shelter thought she might have been abused.) I miss her every day, but I am so grateful for that long-ago impulse that made me say yes. Seriously--look at that face! Who could have said no? I miss you, Mina. Thanks for being my cat.


  1. What a wonderful and bittersweet anniversary! A good agent is gold for the lucky writer. You were blessed with a cat family. They make the best pets!

    1. So true! And I am very blessed indeed. Although it hurts to lose them, the having makes it worth it.