Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Veiled Magic is Out!

Happy release day to me! (And to all of you who plan to read the book, of course.) I'm so pleased to welcome VEILED MAGIC to the world! Now I just have to keep myself from obsessively checking the Amazon rankings... Book release days are both fun and nerve wracking!

 Magic the Cat says, "I read it and really liked it. Well, I kind of liked it. At least there's a cat in this one."

Mystic wants to know if you're going to read it. He's curious that way.

Don't forget that you can read the prequel short story, originally published in The Pagan Anthology of Short Fiction, for free at my website! Dead and (Mostly) Gone

Here are a few handy Buy Links if you feel overcome by the sudden urge to go get yourself a copy.

It's only available as an ebook, but you can download a free Kindle app on Amazon (right on the book's page) and read it on your computer if you don't have and eReader. (No, it won't be out in print any time soon, as far as I know, unless it sells like crazy.)

I hope that people love this one, because I sure do!

So tell me, what should I do to celebrate? And if you read it and like it, be sure to let me (and, you know, the rest of the world) know!

OMG! The book is out! Happy dance time!


  1. As soon as this kindle you gave me(still can't believe)charges up, I'll be reading Veiled Magic!Happy Release Day to you!Happy Kindle Day to me! Perfect timing it arrived in release day.. Like magic !!!😉

    1. My kitty, Síochán (pronounced she-a-cawn)peace in Irish Gaelic my Gran's Gaelic anyway, is not happy that I won't allow him to lay on kindle. As you said, cats read through their butts, I can't deprive him, so ill be getting a good, strong, case!

  2. Well, with recommendations from two such furlicious reviewers, I knew I had to purchase my copy of Veiled Magic. It should be on my Nook as I type this.

    Congrats on release day.

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    1. Finished Veiled Magic! Yay!Human family will be happy as only cats were fed while I read! I hope this is released in hard copy, it's great! Love this book! Won't give to much away... A smart ass witch cop,(any other kind?)Ghosts,dragons,half dragons,a cat of course, a Kobold(a type of supernatural little people),amongst others. All must work together to save secret painting that in wrong hands(evil secret organization) could harm both humans and supernatural beings! All this and magic written about by an author who knows it!Treat yourself before holidays! This is a rip roaring, mysterious,
      funny , sexy read that takes you on a great ride! I'm all the better for going on the ride and you will be too! Thanks again Writer extraordinaire, Deborah Blake

  4. Had to retype , was so excited to many typos!

    1. LOL. I'm so glad you liked it. I'd love it if you could leave a short review at Amazon and Goodreads (B&N, too, if you have time.) Thanks! *smooches*