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Friday, November 21, 2014

Feline Friday--Introducing Cat-Crazy Book Lovers!

No, that's not actually Magic the Cat. It's her look-alike, Zoie, who belongs to author Karen Rose Smith

(And here is Karen's "Invitation to Cat-Crazy Book Lovers" stolen from her blog, since I was going to write exactly the same thing anyway. Thanks, Karen!)

Most of my friends love cats! I guess cat people just gravitate toward each other. In the writing world, the same is true. With a common interest in cats and their welfare, we just seem to find each other. Four of us have banded together to create something special--

a CAT-CRAZY BOOK LOVER page on Facebook!  (Click on the link!)

Along with Karen Rose Smith, Susan Meier and Melissa McClone, I will be posting photos and chatting with readers on this Facebook page. (I post lots of cat photos on my personal profile and author page now, but this just means I have an excuse to shoot more pictures.)

We're planning themed days when readers can post photos of their cats too. Visit us on Monday for MONDAY MAYHEM. Do your cats get into trouble? Ours do. We can compare notes.

Wednesday is for WEDNESDAY WISDOM. We can share strategies for caring for our cats, solutions to problems, a place to give and get feedback,

Friday is always FELINE FRIDAY. Every cat is beautiful, and on Friday you can let yours be a star by posting his or her photo.

We'll also have a giveaway every week--books and cat-related prizes. (We're trying Monday's for this, so be sure to check in. I'm up next Monday, and I have some fun cat prized to give away!)

So if you love cats, like to chat with others who do too, can't get enough of cat photos and generally just want a friendly place to discuss your fur babies, the CAT-CRAZY BOOK LOVERS page is the place for you.  Just LIKE the page and join the fun! (Don't forget to check GET NOTIFICATIONS on Facebook so you don't miss a thing.) And don't forget to follow these other great authors. They're cat-crazy too!

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