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Sunday, September 4, 2011

My Day with Addy, World's Coolest Niece

I spent this last Friday in the company of one of my favorite people--my niece Addy. I can't actually say that she is the coolest niece ever, since I have two more who are equally cool in their own way, but dang, she really IS cool.

My brother in-law Rich was coming into Oneonta to do his amazing caricature work up at the college, so Addy tagged along and spent the day with me. First she hung out at the shop and helped me there, then we went to lunch and talked about writing (which she does too), cooking (which she will be heading off to college to study this semester), and everything else under the sun.

Then, because we are both book junkies, we went to the closing sale at my local mini-Borders, where I picked up a few more Manga books for her collection and some romance and fantasy for mine. Along with a couple of extras by some of my favorite authors to give away here, just for the heck of it. (More about that in my next post.) It was a blast just to walk around the store and point out books we both liked. (I'm not so sure about that zombie cookbook, though...)

And did I mention that she brought me cookies she'd made? I may be a bit biased, but I happen to think that she is one of the smartest, cutest, and coolest kids I know. If you don't believe me, look at the costume she made for one of the Cons she went to last year.

Addy at Genericon

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