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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Angus the Cat, because he's adorable

Yes, I know...I owe y'all a real blog post. Tomorrow, I promise. In the meanwhile, here is my cat Angus, who is, bless him, Not Very Bright, but extremely adorable. Case in point? His favorite toy is a string belt off a pair of my pants. Keeps him entertained for hours.

Now that my latest online class is over (and it was fabulous--but with over 60 participants, it really kept me busy), I should be able to get back to something that resembles real blogging. Because I know you've all been pining... By the way, the class really was terrific. The FFnP loop (Fantasy, Futuristic and Paranormal RWA Chapter) is one of the best around, and I was excited to have two authors I really like--Katie MacAlister and Linda Wisdom--taking my little ol' class.


  1. I've never heard of either of those authors. Looked them up on amazon. I'm going to definitely need some of MacAlister's books. I really enjoy paranormal that isn't vampires. I'm sure the Wisdom books are good, too, but I personally don't enjoy vampires. Blood sucking or drinking, yuck! Not for me.
    How fun that authors you like reading took your writing class.
    Love the cat. I'm down to one - Bernie.

  2. I've been devouring Katie Macallistair's books lately! So awesome she was in your class!

  3. I'm so sorry I wasn't able to make your class - hopefully a future one!

    You have an strawberry blonde Angus too! Mine is in the form of an 85-lb yellow Lab who thinks he's a cat (as in weaves between/around my legs at the most inopportune times).

  4. Bethany--I just read one of Katie's called BLOW ME DOWN. Fun, fun, fun!

    Inkgrrl--I'd love to see a pic of your Angus. I can't believe we both have the same color Anguses but different species :-)

  5. Clever Cherry--Only one? We can't have that. You must get another. Or two...they're small.

  6. Welll...Angus may not be so smart, but he's a regal-looking fellow! I confess, I had to look up MacAlister and Wisdom, myself - but I'm glad I did!

  7. It amazes me how cats can twists their bodies into interesting positions.

    I could look at cat pictures all day long. Of course it would mean getting no work done. LOL

  8. I have an orange and white Henry cat who looks a lot like your Angus, and has had a similar sun stretch photo shoot.

  9. 60!! That be a lot of folks to manage. I've led just teaching assistant conferences on line and they're a lot of work.

    Awwww Angus. I lobe les cats.

  10. London Mabel--60 is a lot! The most I've ever had in a class before, in fact. Usually I average 40-50. And I tend to get a fairly high participant to lurker ratio, too.

    It seriously cuts in to my writing time, but I really enjoy giving the classes, and I like the feeling that I am giving something back to my community.

    Besides, I juggle 50 artists in my day job--if you can do that, 60 writers is a piece of cake :-)