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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

How To Support Authors You Like--Via Mindy Klasky

I've been meaning to write a blog post on ways that readers (including yours truly) can support the authors they like. As both an author and an avid reader, I think this is a truly important issue.

Luckily for me, author pal Mindy Klasky blogged on that very thing today, and said it much better than I ever could have.

So run over to her blog and see what she has to say

http://tinyurl.com/24jc68e (or click on blog post title to link automatically--the blog is fighting with me today)

Then run back over here and tell me what YOU do (if anything) to support authors you like. If I get a particularly spectacular answer, there might be a free book in it for someone...

(See, authors like to support readers, too.)


  1. I recommend books. I buy books as gifts. I e-mail the author or post a comment on his/her (mostly her) web site expressing my specific praise and appreciation.

    I read all of the author's books, working my way through the canon backward from the title which introduced me to the author.

    I blog about the book.

    I yap about it to all my work friends.

  2. If I really love a book, I usually send the author a note. I want to make sure the author knows how much they are appreciated. It takes alot of courage, time, tears, and heart to get the written word published. I love books! I don't know what I would do without them and the authors who write them.

    One author wrote me that if he does not sell enough books, he may not get the publisher to sell another of his books. It could even be in the middle of a series. I get really involved in my books and to be dropped in the middle of a series will leave me always wondering where the story was going...I never forget a book I enjoy and keep all my favorites.

    I want to see authors flourish and support eachother and have a bond with their readers. Authors get their creative and magickal words on paper and it is up to us readers to keep them on the shelves. It only takes a few minutes of your day to keep these authors on the shelves. Without them, a bit of my soul would be gone. I have even moved books up to eye level on shelves so my favorite authors get noticed.

    I have tried writing and it is not as easy as it looks. The competition and pressures are more than some can handle. If I don't like a book, I can still appreciate the work and love put into their work. If I love the book, I want to see more of their craft. In the end, it is up to us readers to keep these books in our hands and hearts. Happy Writing and thank you to all those wonderful writers.

  3. Lora and Kimberly,
    You guys ROCK. I wish there were more readers like you out there!

  4. My only concern with library requesting is requesting too many books and thus having the impact of my requests diluted by sheer volume. I'd love to know a librarian's honest assessment of how many requests is too many from an individual.

    I have requested some books from libraries, usually with information about why it will be a well-read volume. I loved that the last book I requested had 20 reserves on it as soon as it went into the system.

    I will read/comment on blogs, but honestly that's more about enjoying the blog and having something to say about the post's content than about the writer's physical works--unless the post is about those works and then I have been known to say "I loved this one and it helped me deal with such and such a situation!"

    I don't do Amazon reviews anymore because they really seem like such a crapshoot as to whether they do anything. I will rate with the stars as the time investment is fairly low and that least gets aggregated into an average review. I will try to mention a book on my blog if it ties into my topic (generally animals) and I had a lot of fun highlighting a few of my favorites in a post a few months ago, but it's not common for me because of my focus. I will tweet if a book is just absolutely, blow my mind, amazing.

    My main ways of supporting an author are the most old fashioned--buying their books and telling friends to buy them.

  5. When I find an author I enjoy reading, I usually purchase as many of their books as I can find. I will also recommend and gift their books to my friends and family as well.

    My husband I frequent at least one (usually more) brick and mortar bookstore every weekend. Even plan day trips to drive to different bookstores. We both have a love of books!! I will also repurchase my favorite books for my kindle, for ease of bringing them with me during travel.

    It is what we all must do when we find things that we love, and wish for them to be around for us to enjoy as long as possible. When you find an author you love, and want to read more from them, you must buy their books, and recommend them to others. When you find a store you love, whether it be a bookstore, card store, coffee shop, metaphysical shop, etc. You must frequent them, buy from them, recommend them to others. It is the best way to show your appreciation for what they do.

  6. Such great responses! I'm truly overwhelmed. I wish there were more people like you all out there.

  7. The things I attempt to do to support my favorite Pagan authors might include:

    1. Purchasing the new book that comes out, preferrably from my local metaphysical store. That way I am supporting two "businesses" that are Pagan.

    2. I still ask the library to purchase the book. My friends and I that use the same library will all request they get a specific book during the same time so that it is given notice and possible attention.

    3. I will request that the author be invited as a Guest Presenter at my state's largest gathering conference called Convocation. (www.convocation.org). Most Guest Presenters are given table space to sell their books at the convention and also offer book signings as well. If enough people request for a specific person the chances they appear becomes greater. If the author can attend, then there is a larger chance of new readers being exposed to the authors books (both old and new).

    4. I do also like to write about the books I am reading. I post them to my own blog, my coven's website, and any other internet groups (such as yahoo groups) I may belong too. I would even suggest it for a book of the month club I belong to with other Pagans.

    5. Whenever possible, I do like to purchase the book directly from the author themselves via their website when available.

    6. My gifts to friends and family are usually books. I also request for many books as well on my wish list for birthdays, anniversarys, and any other possible events that a gift is warranted.

  8. I admit up front, alas, that I cannot always buy retail, although I do whenever I can; otherwise, it's used bookstores for me. But to support writers, I buy their books however I can get my hands on them. Usually, what happens is I stumble upon something I want to know more about, so I check reviews and then buy a book. If I read and like it, I go after that writer's canon, and also start hunting down the books s/he recommends (for example, Deborah, I now have three of yours, all bought within the space of a month, and am now hot on the trail of a few in your recommended lists!)I Facebook link to reviews or the Amazon page for writers I enjoy, name writers whenever I use their work or ideas in my blog, make certain to list by name and book title what I'm reading in the online community forum I belong to, and suggest them or lend them out whenever someone asks me for a title. Finally, I am able to slip many of my favorite writers into my classes (I teach literature) as resources for papers, examples for how to write in various genres, suggestions for reading and the like. (In the case of books on witchcraft, I teach a class that focuses on witches in literature, so I'm able to throw some modern stuff in there also.)As a writer myself, I think it's important to support writers and I do it whenever I can!