Sunday, August 15, 2010

Llewellyn Annuals are out!

The new Llewellyn 2011 Annuals are out. And I'm in them! If you are of the Pagan-ish persuasion (or just curious), check out my articles in the Witches' Companion [My Top 3 Rules for Pagan Living & Becoming an Everyday Witch in 6 Easy Steps], the Magical Almanac [Spiritual Housecleaning: Integrating the Magickal and the Mundane], and the Sabbats Almanac [I wrote about my favorite holiday, Samhain!]. Cool.


  1. Cool! I always miss when they come out and I forget to pick up one or the other until the next summer. :)

  2. Can't wait! will be picking these up at Pagan Pride in Hamilton, ON on September 11th!! woohooooooooo

  3. I scooped up the Sabbats Almanac right away, but still need to get the Magical Almanac. Love these - and so happy to know you have articles in them!