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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Writing class has started

Today was the first day of my online writing class, Witchcraft for Paranormal Authors (that is to say, those authors who write paranormals...not actual paranormal authors).

So far, so good.

I actually posted the first lesson (an intro to me and the class) late last night, because I had a REALLY early meeting before work this morning. But even before then, lots of the class participants had signed on and introduced themselves. This is great, because one of the challenges of online classes is that one often gets lots of "lurkers" (who just read all the lessons but don't actively take part). This isn't a bad thing, necessarily--I've taken a few online classes myself [which is actually how I got sucked into giving this one, if fact], and sometimes I just don't have time to be an active participant.

But it is great that most of the folks taking the class are already excited and ready to jump in and get going.

No pressure :-)

I also found out from one of the organizers from www.lowcountryrwa.com where the course is given that my class has a higher enrollment than any they've given in quite a while. Wow. How cool is that?

So for the moment, I am cautiously optimistic about the way the class is shaping up--although also mildly freaked out by how much time it is already taken up, and that's BEFORE we get to the assignments I'll have to respond to. Wait, isn't this why I got out of regular teaching?

I'll keep ya posted. Wish me luck.

Teacher Deb


  1. I don't know about that, Deborah. We writers might be a bit paranormal to begin with !!

  2. I think your class has the highest enrollment for tweo main reasons: It's the 'witching' month so it comes at the appropriate time; and people are just plain interested. Many who lurk may not want to reveal their interest.

  3. Ooh...I wish I had found this earlier. Hope the classes are going well.

    Happy writing!

  4. Hey Chasing!
    I'm sorry you didn't find it earlier. The class is going great, and I'm having a blast. (And working my butt off, but I guess that's a given.)

    The folks in the class are trying to talk me into publishing the class notes on LULU or something. Still trying to find out exactly how that works. And I might do it again, if there is a venue that wants me to.