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Friday, October 17, 2014

Feline Friday: Cats in the Sun

I realize that it has been a while since I posted a Feline Friday blog. Believe me, it's not because the cats have stopped being cute. Snort. I've just been distracted by writing and gardens and fall, oh my.

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But all this aside, we are clearly overdue for a cheerful dose of adorable cats, so I'm going to share one of my favorite themes with you--cats in the sun.

Magic the Cat, wondering what the heck I'm up to with the camera. Again.

Samhain, who took over the prime sunny spot on the living room floor after Magic got up.

Samhain's buddy Angus coming over to say hi.

Magic sitting, very appropriately, on a box containing a broom-making kit from the fab Robert Skinner

Okay, no cats in this one, but isn't the sunrise glorious?
Happy Friday! What is everyone doing this weekend?

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