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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Holy Crap It's December!

Seriously...how did it get to be December? Wasn't it just Halloween last week? I am now officially Behind on All The Things.

Well, I'm a little ahead on the Llewellyn book, which is done except for the guest author contributions, and off to my editor for what they call a Vision meeting [which is where they decide A) if it sucks or not and B) then envision how it will end up looking and being marketed--gulp]. But there are all sorts of other writing tasks I should be working on, including follow-up nudges to all the lovely guest authors, and starting to brainstorm the Baba Yaga novella, which is due Jan 15.

But mostly, I am making jewelry to sell at the shop (and maybe put a few pieces up on Etsy, although I'm not sure it is worth the trouble, since I rarely sell anything there). You know--the jewelry I should have FINISHED making weeks ago. Sigh.

On the bright side, we had a reasonably good Black Friday and Small Business Saturday at the shop, and for the moment, it has stopped being Horribly Cold here. And I had a lovely, albeit brief, visit from author pal Nancy Holzner on Sunday, as she passed through town on her way back home from her family's Thanksgiving.

I have a couple of blog posts planned (you know, that I'm also behind on), including one explaining how I came to use the Baba Yaga as a character. Maybe tomorrow, if you're all good.

So, what are you all up to now that it is somehow FREAKING DECEMBER?


  1. I understand the feeling of being behind! Our Christmas tree is not up or decorated yet and for me this is already very LATE! (Aggghh)...and I've no time this week except perhaps tomorrow but it's our anniversary and we've go plans sort of.... Whew..I typed that all in one breath! Well, it will get done...all in good time. Nothing like your looming deadlines but thought I'd share regardless.....what's that? Have my husband decorate the tree?! Um, no. I'm far too fussy about how it looks to ask him to do that! Have a wonderful day Deborah :-)

    1. LOL. Sometimes it is better to be late and do it yourself. Happy anniversary!

  2. I know - December - what???
    I'm not too upset though cause soon - I'll be at the beach!
    Can't wait to hear how the Baba Yaga books came to be.