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Friday, December 20, 2013

Feline Friday: The Snuggle Up Version

It has been pretty cold here, for all that the calendar says winter doesn't start until tomorrow. (Ha!) So there has been a lot of snuggling going on here.
 Here's Samhain sitting on me as I took a bit of down time this weekend between frantic calls for rescheduling at the shop (the winter storm made it impossible for a lot of the artists who live further out to make it in for their shifts, so I had to  people in town who could cover...yes, I DO have a very glamorous job). Those are my legs underneath her :-)
 The three cats who are from the same family, Magic, Mystic, and their mom Minerva, in a rare moment all together. (That's Minerva in the middle--she snuggles with both her kids, but they don't snuggle with each other.)
 Minerva and Mystic late last night, making it look like you're seeing double.
 Two minutes later, when Mystic had clearly gotten tired of posing. (It looks like he is saying, "Stop annoying me and go to bed!")
NOT a cat, but I thought you'd like to see my Solstice altar. The evergreen swag has juniper berries on it (it's a few years old, made by a former artist at the shop, but still smells wonderful!). The fabulous Solstice goddess doll was also made by one of the artists, as were the clear star candle holders. The cute little sheep just wandered in from the cold...

Happy Friday! I hope you're staying warm, wherever you are.

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  1. Lovely altar and lovely cats!

    We had snow this morning! Not a ton, but a good couple of inches (it doesn't take much to shut down this city, actually). I woke up at 6:30 and went outside to take pictures. In my pjs and heavy robe and slippers! Then I couldn't go back to sleep. I see a nap in my future.

    You stay warm and safe!