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Friday, March 15, 2013

TGI (Feline) Friday!

Wow--is it just me, or has this been a REALLY long and REALLY tough week?

Frankly, most of my issues were fairly minor (albeit annoying and exhausting), like yet another leak at the shop (which necessitated a lot of running around and moving artists' work out of the danger zone, and emptying of buckets, and unsuccessfully trying to chase down our absentee landlord and his in-theory local building manager who turned out to be in freaking OHIO for the week), and a fibromyalgia flare-up because of the wacky weather.

But some of my friends have been dealing with real crises. And annoying and exhausting is still annoying and exhausting. Did y'all have a tough week too?

I hope not, but if you did, here are a few quick reminders, and then some Feline Friday pictures to cheer you up. I also highly recommend a cute little book of poetry written by cats (you heard me) that a friend gave me for Yule. It is so funny, I am only reading a few at a time, and saving them for the days I really need them. It's called I COULD PEE ON THIS, and it is as funny as anything I have ever read.

The spring newsletter will go out next week (I hope). Still not too late to sign up to get it at the bottom of the page here at my website .
Also, you still have until Sunday the 24th to sign up for the great Witchcraft 201 class over at the Workshop loop and the new "WHEEL OF THE YEAR" class is still open for registration too, since it is ongoing. I hope to put up the Spring Equinox post this weekend, so go sign up now!

While I'm reminding you of stuff, have you read my paranormal romance eBook yet? Witch Ever Way You Can

Yeesh--enough of all that. Time for cute cat pics!!!

I got a new catnip pillow from the artist at the shop who makes them. Mystic has been hogging it, as you can see.
Magic, on the other hand, is a purist. She's rather just have the floor and a patch of sunlight.

I hope you find someplace comfy to stretch out and relax this weekend!


  1. Wonderful pictures! Kitteh pictures always make me feel good.

    I hope your weekend is better than your week, and that next week is even better. And that the leak gets fixed, preferably before the next rain or snowmelt.

  2. Thanks for the recommendation of the poetry book. That reminds me that I should go look for a book a friend gave me of French for cats. It's buried somewhere amongst my other books.

    I hope the coming week is healing and strengthening for you and your friends.

    Big smoochies for the fur babies.

    1. Thanks! I think I have that French one, too :-)

      Have a great week too.

  3. Long-ish week, but not tough till Friday. I'm...kind of learning to hate/dread Fridays. 9,9 Not due to any person or particular thing, just that's when the "emergencies" seem to crop up the most. OMGs GOTTA GET IT DONE BEFORE THE END OF THE WEEK kind of thing. Guh.

    YAY reminder, though! *goes to sign up*

  4. The poetry book sounds awesome; yes, thank you for the recommendation. My week was so-so, but the highlight was my sick cat finally feeling better and playing up a storm! Love it! <3

    I'm looking forward to the newsletter! :)