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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Quick Important Question about My Online classes

Hi all!

As you know, I have been giving some online witchcraft and/or writing workshops over at my workshop loop -- I started this endeavor at the urging of a bunch of folks last year (and with the invaluable help of sometimes-co-teacher Heather Long). We had a hugely successful bunch of classes last year, and many requests for repeats and new classes this year.

Sadly, the turnout this year has been kinda sparse. I don't know if this is because of the economy, or if the folks who were interested already took the classes, or what. And honestly, it is fine--I love teaching the classes, but they do take time away from the writing.

We're trying to decide whether or not to continue giving the workshops at all, or maybe only give the couple of new ones we have lined up, and not the repeats from last year. It would really help me if you could let me know if you want and intend to take any of the following classes. Thanks as always for your support.

April – Spells & Spellcasting
May – Herbal Magick & Kitchen Alchemy
June– World Building for the Paranormal Author (Heather)
July – No Class
August – Pre-Writing Workshop (Heather)
September – Crystals & Gemstone Magick
I especially need to know about the next couple, so I can tell Heather whether or not to post the registration.
If you're not interested, no biggie. If you are, though, we need to hear from you. Thanks! 


  1. i am interested in the crystals and gemstone magick class! (though if you are switching things around, please don't bump it up to april. then, i wouldn't be able to take it!) :)

    1. Not to worry, Melissa! We might cancel one, but we won't reschedule.

  2. I am interested in the Herb Magick and Crystal & Gemstone Magick classes

  3. I have taken the pre-writing workshop, other than that I am looking forward to all of these. When will sign-ups begin for the spell casting class?


  4. Augh, so sorry for not replying sooner! Or not replying to any of the WONDERFUL emails from the Witchcraft 201 class yet - life got /busy/ on me this past week and weekend. I'm only now getting a chance to actually look at any of them. *sob*

    ANYWAY - I'm really interested in /ALL of those, as a matter of fact! Though if I /need/ to pick out one or a few, I think I'd have to go with Spells, Crystals, and Kitchen Magic. But I /am/ a writer as well, so I'd be really interested in what I could learn from the other two. Choices, why?? Heh. ;D

  5. This question is for people who have or will take classes. Do you prefer consecutive classes or a day in between classes?

  6. This question is for people who have or will take classes. Do you prefer consecutive classes or a day in between classes?