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Sunday, March 10, 2013

A Few Questions for Y'all

I'm pondering some options and would love some input from the folks who are kind enough to follow me here.

I'm thinking of running a series of contests/giveaways leading up to my birthday at the end of April, and possibly culminating in the ePub release of another one of my paranormal romances [this one is called KING ME! and is is about a modern witch who accidentally brings back King Arthur to save the world. Oops.]
I'm also debating giving a different class up on the witchcraft/workshop loop, and possibly offering some extra services on the side.

SO...which, if any of these, would you be interested in?

1) A new eBook (it would probably be priced at $2.99 like the 1st one)
2) A workshop on "Fast and Easy Edit as You Go" tips. That one would probably be 4 days/$15
3) Tarot readings via either Skype or phone
4) Professional editing (fees would vary, depending on the amount of editing needed/wanted)
5)Giveaway of this year's Sabbats Almanac from Llewellyn (including a Yule ritual and summary by me)
6) Giveaway of a signed copy of Circle, Coven & Grove (my first book, now out of print)
7) Giveaway of a signed copy of my most recent book, Everyday Witch Book of Rituals
8) Giveaway of editing/feedback on up to 10 pages of your writing
9) Some other giveaway (tell me what you want!)

You can answer by simply listing numbers (3, 5 & 7, for instance) or by giving specifics for which ones you'd want and why. Thanks for helping me figure out what I'm doing next!!!!