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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Today's Harvest OMG CARROTS

Most years I struggle to get my carrots to grow. I'm not sure why. But I tend to throw a LOT of seeds into the ground in the hope of getting a few. For some reason, this year...
They seem to be doing pretty well :-) That's about 2/3rds of what's out there, maybe a bit less. And no, you're not imagining it...some of them are purple. They're a kind called "Purple Haze" and they taste sweeter than a regular carrot and have extra beta carotene. Also, they're pretty. I think that's important in a carrot, don't you?

Of course, not all carrots are pretty. Some are kind of...perverse looking. LOL
So--anyone have any good carrot recipes???

Here's today's Frog Prince picture
And the rest of today's harvest
Three kinds of potatoes, a few tomatoes, two scrawny ears of corn (not a good corn year, alas) and also, a huge bunch of edamame (soybeans) that I need to take off the plants and cook.

I'd forgotten I put a copy of the upcoming Everyday Witch Book of Rituals up on a Goodreads giveaway last week, and was amazed to discover that there were almost 300 people entered already! You can enter HERE.

And don't forget that the new online class, Witchcraft on a Shoestring class is going to start on August 27th over on the workshop loop. Registration is open now, and one lucky participant will be gifted with a signed copy of the new ritual book as soon as it comes out!

So, about those carrot recipes...


  1. Your garden is doing really well! We have grown carrots in the past and while they tasted fabulous, they grew into the weirdest shapes through our heavy shale-y soil and were really hard to clean.

    1. Parts of it are. It is a really weird hit and miss year. And yes, mine usually have the same issue. No idea why they are so good this year!

  2. This is not my recipe - it's the barefoot contessa. I haven't even made it but I watched her make it and it looked good. Here's the link:

    So who are you hoping the frog looks like when you kiss him?

  3. I've never gardened in my life. Looks sooo nice.

  4. Yum! I miss having a garden. That perverse carrot is quite the stud ;-)

  5. How about purple carrot cake?

    1. Once you cook them they aren't all that purple any more, but I do need to find a good carrot cake recipe.

  6. I can never grow carrots or radishes, no matter how sandy I make the soil. The perverse purple carrot should be perserved.

  7. I have no problems with radishes (except that I forgot to plant them this year), but carrots have been a challenge, so this was impressive. Now I wish I'd planted beets, which I finally gave up on :-)