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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

DARKBEAST: A Recommended Read

My friend Mindy Klasky just released her first middle-grade fantasy book under the name of Morgan Keyes. I was fortunate enough to read it in manuscript form, and it was one of the best books I've read in ages. (Don't let the "middle-grade" tag fool you; it is wonderful for younger readers, but also entertaining enough for folks like you and me. And if you're like my friend Lisa DiDio, who likes to read the same book her kids are reading, so they can discuss it, this is a perfect choice.)

Here is a copy of the review I put up on Amazon and B&N:
I grew up reading classic fantasy stories by such authors as Anne McCaffery, Andre Norton, Lloyd Alexander, and of course, Tolkien. I loved books that had strong female protagonists I could identify with, intriguing new worlds for me to get lost in, and an adventure I wanted to follow until the end (or beyond).

Author Morgan Keyes gives us all of those in her debut novel, Darkbeast. Keara is a believable, feisty, and courageous heroine, whose dedication to her companion Caw makes me root for her even when she makes mistakes. The world-building is fabulous, and reminds me of the classics of my youth, when authors created new lands I wanted to return to over and over.

This book is called a "Middle Grade" novel, and in fact I would recommend it highly to anyone looking for a good read for the younger set (it's a fast and easy read, perfect for the kid who doesn't "like" to read). But as an adult, I also found it satisfying and fun; I think it would suit anyone from 10 to 100.

If you like fantasy, you won't want to miss Darkbeast! (And if you have a favorite animal companion of your own, I'm sure they'd agree.)
Mindy/Morgan just found out today that B&N has chosen not to carry the book in its brick and mortar stores, although it will be available online and by special order. And, of course, it is on Amazon. For an author, this is a tough break, since that means that people can't just stumble across the book in a store--they have to know it exists and go looking for it. (Gives B&N a stern look.) So I'm trying to help by spreading the word. And I'd appreciate it if you would too, if you know of people you think might be interested.

 Mindy is going to guest blog here on September 21st (yay!). I'd love it if you'd run out and buy the book, then come back here (and to B&N or Amazon or Goodreads) and say how much you loved it :-)
DARKBEAST by Morgan Keyes


  1. I've read several of Mindy's books and loved them all. Actually met her through another writer friend at the Washington DC RWA National. Also, loved her workshop. I've added this to my teetering TBR pile. Not sure a Kindle can teeter. : )

    Thanks for the info.

    1. Her books are wonderful, and the lady herself is one of the smartest, nicest people in publishing. And a fabulous editor, to boot. She really helped to improve my writing when I worked with her years ago.

  2. Looks very appealing - have tweeted a recommendation and may well read it myself when my TBR list gets a bit smaller!