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Thursday, June 7, 2018

Kitty Update: Koshka

The new kitties are getting big enough that it is hard to look at them and think "kitten" instead of "cat." Until they start ramming around, getting into everything, and then it is clear that they are still kittens at heart.

Koshka is a little bit bigger than he was, but at about 10-11 months old, it is still clear that he isn't likely to get nearly as large as he probably should have been, because of his rough start at life (in a 25-cat hoarding situation with his sister Ember). He looks more and more like a Maine Coon Cat or a Norwegian Forest Cat every day, with long hair and a tail that looks like it has a mind of its own! Thankfully, he is very cooperative about being brushed.

He gets along fine with Harry Dresden and Angus, as well as his sister, and is generally a very mellow kitten. But he does get into EVERYTHING, especially if food or paper are involved. Luckily, he is so sweet, I mostly forgive him... He also chews on my shoes, so maybe he was a puppy in another life?

Here he is:

He loves to sit in the window and watch what's going on outside

with his sister

Brush my belly now!

With his favorite toy. I had to get three of them!
 I call him my "Fluffernutter" because he is both fluffy and completely nuts.

What do you think? Isn't he gorgeous?


  1. Such an adorable kitty! Thank you for the update.

  2. So beautiful!


  3. ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS and I still say he reminds me so much of my Fuzzy. <3

  4. What a beautiful cat! I love it when a grown reverts to being a kitten. My 10 year still acts like a kitten when she plays with her giant catnip stuffed rat.

  5. Skitter teethed thru his first year by demolishing the high top sneakers I cleaned stalls in. He was the size of a Labrador puppy, and enjoyed fetching. Koshka sounds like a right proper Cog!