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Monday, January 1, 2018

New Year's Day at Casa Blake

I usually spend New Year's Day happily by myself, but this is a tough one, because I'm losing my beloved Magic on Wednesday. (She's barely eaten in the last few days and is clearly uncomfortable; the tumors are huge now. They'll burst on their own and kill her soon, and I want better for her than that, so the appointment has been made, and I'm keeping her comfortable until then and treasuring every damned moment.)

We started the morning like so many others, with Magic sitting on my lap while I ate breakfast and read my book. She still purred, which made my heart happy. It has always been my favorite way to start off my days, and I'll miss it. Well, actually, I started off the morning staring at the thermometer and making rude noises. But then breakfast. (It was -13 here when I got up. Ugh.)

Breakfast snuggles

That's just rude
Then in the early afternoon, my friend Ellen (who found me Magic, along with her brother Mystic and mom Minerva almost 16 years ago) came over for a low-keyed New Year's celebration geek style: Chinese food, Scrabble, and watching this year's Doctor Who Christmas Special (which I had gallantly held off on watching so we could do so together). We got Peking Duck, one of our favorites, and Magic happily nibbled on a bit of duck meat.

Peking duck? Well, maybe just a bite or two.
 It made me happy to see her taking such pleasure in our treat. (Although admittedly, all the Chinese food in our little town is fairly mediocre. Still, I didn't have to cook it. And I love duck almost as much as Magic does. Ribs, too, although she didn't get any of those.)

 The Doctor Who episode was actually pretty terrific, and it was nice to share it with Ellen.
Last time we'll see this

It was great
 Magic spent most of the meal sitting next to me, although she quickly got bored with the duck. She always supervises everything I do, from eating to writing. Not sure how I'll do either without her. Yes, she IS the boss of me.
Sitting next to me, supervising as usual
 Eventually she wandered off to sit on the bed with (but at a reasonable distance from) her brother and his pal Angus.
It was a three cat afternoon when the sun hit the bed
 Apparently she was my good luck charm, because then Ellen went on to beat me. By six points :-)

Ellen pondering a clever word

We play nine letter Scrabble, so we can get even more vicious and make even longer words.

All in all, it was as good a New Year's Day as I could have hoped for, and I even finished up by writing 3,000 words on the current manuscript, after a nap. (What am I working on? Tune in soon, and I'll tell you. I'm just about ready to talk about it.)

I hope your first day of 2018 was a good one, and that if, like me, it is starting off tough, it gets better as it goes along. I am looking forward to sharing mine with you in the days to come.


  1. Oh Deborah, I'm so sorry. Our Magic passed 2 months ago. The vet actually came to our house. My daughter held him as he passed. It was comforting for us knowing he was in his home. We didn't want him suffering anymore...like you.
    Sending you hugs. xo

    1. I'm so sorry about your Magic. I wish I could have my vet come here--it's about 15 minutes there, and it is cold out. But she knows the vet and all the techs well, so there is that.

    2. Ask them. It was such a comfort for us that he was home. It was extra but worth it.
      My heart is breaking for you! 💗

    3. My vet is so very busy. If I had asked ahead of time, maybe, but I don't think we can wait until she has that big a block in her schedule.

  2. Happy New Year, bittersweet as it is.

  3. Hugs darlin...meow Magic

    With love,

    Sara Kitty

  4. I am sorry to hear about Magic! You're doing the right thing in releasing her with dignity. To avoid repercussions, take Mystic with you so he knows what has happened to Magic and hopefully won't look for her once she's gone. Good luck! I'll be sending healing light and prayers your way.

    1. Magic and Mystic haven't gotten along for the last few years, alas, although they both mourned when their mom died almost two years ago. And because he is sick too, it would be too stressful to take him.

  5. SO SORRY about Magic! She'll be dearly missed by many.

    So far, 2018 has been more of 2017 - which is to say, not good. But I'm aiming for this year to be the year my docs and I find the meds/dosages/combo/whatev to finally alleviate the pain and weakness and give me a life back. Or at least make sure I can go to work from day to day and not struggle so badly that I'm useless by the time I get home and spend weekends attempting to recover from the week. orz

    Anyway, echoing Vonnie. Take Mystic with you and let him be there with Magic. It'll do him a lot of good, counterintuitive as that may seem.

    HUGS for all!

    1. I hope your 2018 continues to improve and the docs find things to help you.

  6. I am so sorry to hear about Magic. Wishing my deepest sympathy as you go through this and she will be dearly missed.

  7. Deb, Magic really has been a magical part of your life! No doubt,it is such a special gift that our furry friends bring such joy to our lives. I'm aching for you and will continue to send light to surround and hold you and your four legged family.

  8. Deb, Magic really has been a magical part of your life! No doubt,it is such a special gift that our furry friends bring such joy to our lives. I'm aching for you and will continue to send light to surround and hold you and your four legged family.

  9. Dear Deborah, as a Vet Tech I have experienced this heartache too often. After all who brings home all the abandoned kitty's clients leave behind . I do. What gets me thru is knowing they will always be with me in some form of memories and spirit. My Polly is your Magic. I dread the future at times because we need their love they encompass us with, even a cold nose kiss is amazing. I send my warmest blessings around your heart. And my love to you Magic xoxo Blessed Be dear ones.

    1. Thanks so much. Vet techs are the best. My vet, and the techs where I go, and even the support staff, are all amazing. It is the only thing that makes this bearable at all. Email me at magicmysticminerva at yahoo and I would love to send you a gift as a thank you for all you do. xxx