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Thursday, June 29, 2017

NY Faerie Festival 2017

Anyone who has been following this blog for a while knows that there is one day I look forward to all year--my annual outing to the NY Faerie Festival. It takes place about 50 minutes away from me, in tiny Ouaquaga, NY and it is always a blast. Think of it as a mini Renaissance Faire with faeries, trolls, and the occasional mermaid.

See? Mermaids! Well, er, merpeople.

I always go with my best pal Ellen and our friend Robin, who brings her kids (my goddess-children) Nate and Sophie. Sadly, Nate was sick this year, and had to stay home, but Robin made up for it by bringing her brother, his partner, and their baby, who had come for a surprise visit, and her friend Nichole and her four kids. We were quite the group! This is the gang, minus me, because I was taking the picture.

The large bald guy in the kilt was a parking minion who photo bombed us. LOL
The festival takes place on a lovely piece of land with trees and a stream (see picture above!), and oh, the sights that you see. This year it is two weekends instead of one, so you can still make it to this coming weekend's event if you want to.

Here are a few pictures from the day, which was blessed with fabulous weather (a few sprinkles, but not too hot and not pouring, so really, perfect). Now I start counting down until next year!

It turns out Sophie is an elf. Not surprised!

Crones spinning circle! (Next to the alpaca tent.)

Me, Robin, Sophie, and her best friend Anna


Henna tattoo...of a cat, of course.

Walking the labrynth

Such strange creatures...

Lots of friendly dogs and interesting costumes.

I loved this chair that made it look as though you had dragon wings. Appropriate!

Health food? Ellen seems to think so.

The traditional "GRRR" photo, without Nate this year, alas.

The three amigas.

So many children! But they were all great.
So, tell me, do you have an event or outing you look forward to all year?

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