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Sunday, May 21, 2017

The Flowers That Bloom in the Spring Tra La

One of the great things about my property is that when I moved in, a lot of my favorite flowers were already here, including a bunch of lilac bushes. Most of them bloomed this week, and I thought I'd share. Sorry you can't smell them!

I've also got all sorts of birds nesting in bird houses, and in one case, on top of a bird house (apparently it didn't like the house itself, go figure).

Plus I put in a new flowerbed where there used to be strawberries (they're in the main garden now). This year it has annuals in it, but I'm planning to plant some perennials for next year.

What are your favorite spring flowers?


  1. Beautiful pictures. I so miss lilac. It doesn't grow well here.

  2. I miss tulips, daffodils, dogwoods, flowering crabapples, forsythias, hyacinths, violets, lilacs, and crocus. These were all my favorites when I lived further north. But while I now have jasmine and gardenias, I remember how beautiful those spring flowers were after a long winter. Thanks for the memories.