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Monday, September 19, 2016

Goodies, Good News, and Giveaways

As of Tuesday September 20th, we're two weeks away from the release of the first Rider book, DANGEROUSLY CHARMING! (And not to get you excited or anything, but the print version is on sale right now at Amazon. Click the link to see.) What does that mean? Well, sadly, it means that for the next two weeks you are going to get a whole lot of me saying, "OMG, did you see this giveaway?" On the up side, GIVEAWAYS! But feel free to just wander away for the next few weeks and come back after, if you get bored. I promise I won't take it personally.

The truth is, for those of you who don't know much about the business end of publishing, the advance pre-orders and the sales in the first week that the book is available tend to pretty much make-or-break the success of the book. (Which doesn't mean you shouldn't buy it later, if that's what works for you!) For those of you who have been asking me if Berkley is going to buy the third book in the Riders series (they've already bought the second one, DANGEROUSLY DIVINE, out in November 2017), that first week may well decide it. But that's only part of why I'm doing so much promotional work on DANGEROUSLY CHARMING. I love this book, and I hope you'll love it too, and it is just possible I got a little carried away buying swag and goodies. I'm not quite sure how I'll give them all away. But I'm going to give it my best shot!

So, here is a sneak peak at a few of the goodies I'm going to be giving away both here on my blog and elsewhere :-)

Tote bags and notebooks and magnets OH MY

Specially made Dangerously Charming key chains with little motorcycles

Amazon gift cards

Advanced Reader Copies
All of these are in limited supply, so I'm going to have to pick and chose where I give them away, but I also have two of these:

Not the cat. There is only one Magic the Cat, Queen of the Universe
Yes, those are Kindle Fire HD Tablets!

I'm giving the first one away at Fresh Fiction, in a contest going on all month HERE. The other one will be given away here on my blog at a giveaway that runs the last week, starting Tuesday, September 27th, so be sure to check back.

My lovely publisher Berkley is giving away FIFTEEN COPIES of the book on Goodreads, in a giveaway that ends on the 30th. (USA only, alas.) Check it out HERE

I'm also going to be bopping around the Interwebs, showing up at various places in the next few weeks, almost all of which will also include giveaways. I'll try and remember to keep you posted. But you definitely will want to check out LITERARY ESCAPISM on September 28th, since I've written a short-short story featuring Mikhail Day, just for them. (And you.)

Tune in tomorrow to see what I'm giving away here on the blog next. You know, unless you're bored already with this...

 Oh, and the good news part. I can't remember if I shared this here yet or not (between the writing and the promo, I'm kind of fuzzy). RT Reviews gave DANGEROUSLY CHARMING a 4 1/2 star review and named it a Top Pick for October. This is a really big deal, and made me uber-happy. It might have also caused me to get a bit carried away with the goodies... So blame them.


  1. What fun! And how fantastic for you! I love the Baba Yaga series and I'm impatiently waiting for the Riders series! T-2 weeks and counting (down)!

  2. I'm waiting for a gift cart to come in the mail so I can pre-order the book. I'd love to win either a book or a gift card (to order the book with of course!). Love to you and the kitties!