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Thursday, August 25, 2016

A Visit with Luna

I have been visiting little Miss Luna every couple of weeks in her new home. Her new mama, Kate, is as sweet as can be, and lets me come visit as often as I want to. I'm happy to report that Luna is absolutely blissed out her new home where she gets to be the only cat; she and Kate get along really well, and Luna hardly shows any of the behaviors that she had at my house. (Although she did get on the counter when Kate was away last week, and knock off a piece of pottery.)

When I got there today, I called for Luna and she came running right away. We did her "jump up on the stool and sit for treats" trick, and then just hung out. It is still tough to have to walk away, but seeing her so content reminds me of why I gave her up to a new home in the first place.

Here are a few pictures from today's visit.

under the table


Look at that face

Don't bother me with that camera, I'm killing this toy!
In other news, all of Mystic's recent blood tests came back looking good, and his x-rays didn't show the weird bump on his liver we saw the first time, so my vet is cautiously optimistic that it was just a fluke bacterial infection of the liver (which would still have killed him if we hadn't caught it). So I'm feeling *marginally* less paranoid than I was...

It still seems strange to only have three cats after having five for so long. I just redid the instructions for the cat sitters, and taking Minerva and Luna's names off the list made me kind of blue... On the other hand, it will be a much easier job for them, and that's something!


  1. I'm glad to hear Luna is doing so well. It's never easy to say good-bye to a fur baby, no matter the reason for it. Also glad to hear Mystic's doing much better.


  2. Removing names is a final reality check. Luna looks quite pleased with herself!

  3. So relieved to hear the good news for Mystic. Happy that Luna is the queen of her 1-cat-castle. I know it is so hard. Just broke up and had to say goodbye to the kitty, which was harder than with the human because she didn't understand what was happening.

  4. Such wonderful news for all the kitties involved. If cats are like people, stress can really affect the body, so a peaceful home for all the felines must contribute to their good health.

    It must be like sending your child off to college - you've done all the work to give them a good start and now they're beginning the new phase of their life. Sad for Mom, but necessary.