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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

And Now For Something Completely Different

As most of you know, the last month or so has been largely focused on the excitement leading up to, and including, the recent launch of my 7th Llewellyn book The Witch's Broom and my surprise (to you guys, anyway) re-release of Circle, Coven & Grove (my 1st book, which had gone out of print) as an eBook with a fabulous new cover by Mickie Mueller.

I had a blast with a few of the biggest contests and giveaways I've ever done, and I hope you folks did too.

The books themselves were REALLY well received, far exceeding my wildest hopes, for which I thank all of you. At one point Circle, Coven & Grove hit #1 on Amazon's Kindle Nonfiction "Witchcraft" list (it's still at #12 today, which is great) and The Witch's Broom went to #2 on the print list. It has been up and down, but I just checked, and it is back at #2 again today!

I am so grateful for all of my readers, friends and fans! YOU DID THIS!

But to be honest, I'm also grateful that the books are out, and I can go back to talking about writing and magic and cats. Promotion is exhausting, even when it is fun.

So, as Monty Python would say: Now for something completely different!

After an insanely busy last six months, I've finally cleared my desk of all the current obligations. (Well, any day now I'm going to get the revision notes for Wickedly Wonderful, BABA YAGA 2, back from my editor Leis, but right now, the desk is empty.) I've finished the revisions for the next Llewellyn book, Everyday Witchcraft--that's the follow-up to The Goddess is in the Details, for those of you who have been keeping track. I completed my "Write for Hire" sabbats book for them, Midsummer. Wrote and revised the prequel novella for the BABA series, Wickedly Magical. And just handed back the copy edits for BABA YAGA 1, Wickedly Dangerous. 

So what's up next? Something completely different. I'm going to be starting work on another novel, but this one isn't a paranormal romance or an urban fantasy. In fact, it doesn't have one witch in it! (I know! Shocking!). In fact, it is a humorous contemporary romance, complete with a snarky unconventional heroine, lots of quirky secondary characters, and a yummy love interest. Just the kind of book I like to read, in other words.

(For those of you who read contemporary romance, think Jennifer Crusie or Susan Elizabeth Phillips.)

My agent says that "humorous" is finally making a comeback (after being unsalable for the last bunch of years). I certainly hope so, since I like to both read and write books that have a touch of funny in with the adventure and romance. What about you? Do you like a bit of humor in your reading? If so, who are your favorite funny authors?

(P.S.--I've already signed and sent out a bunch of copies of The Witch's Broom to people who bought them through the "Buy Now" link at the top of the blog, but I have about 20 left before I take down the button. The last prizes will be going out this week. Books get sent Media Mail, which is slow, so don't be alarmed if they don't show up for a couple of weeks. And if you read the books and like them, PRETTY PLEASE WITH MAGIC ON TOP could you go post a review at Goodreads, Amazon, and/or B&N. It really helps. XXX)


  1. I love having humor in my books, especially the romances. My fave "romance" writer is Jennifer Crusie (she doesn't generally consider herself a romance writer and is usually shelved with the fiction). Another favorite is Julie Garwood, whose contemporaries are usually suspenseful but usually have humor in them too. And Rachel Gibson, whose books are always funny.

    Can't wait to see what your non-witchy, contemporary romance is like! I'm sure it will be wonderful.

  2. Humorous unsaleable? Do they think we have no money?

    Mary Anne in Kentucky

    1. Apparently "they" thought that people only wanted to read dark and sexy. Go figure.