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Monday, February 18, 2013

Witchcraft 101 and 102 Class Coming Right Up!

We interrupt the Cold That Would Not Die for this brief announcement:

Up next at the Witchcraft and Writing Workshop Loop
WITCHCRAFT 101 and 102

When I gave these classes last year, I did them as separate workshops, for $15 each. But since virtually everyone who took 101 also took 102, I thought I'd cut people a break this year and I'm giving them together as only one class, for the bargain price of $25. *pauses for cheering to die down*

These classes are designed to give basic info on the practice of modern witchcraft, and then to delve a little more deeply into that practice. They're great for anyone who is considering following a Pagan path, or who has just started out and would like to learn more. It is also perfect for writers who have witches (whether realistic modern witches or paranormal "magic" witches) as characters, and need to find out how to make them more realistic. If you are just curious, that's okay too.

The classes start next Monday, the 25th and run for 5 days, through March 1st. Sign-up closes Sunday the 24th at 6 PM EST, so sign up now! Register for the classes 

You can also still register for the ongoing "Wheel of the Year" class that covers all the Sabbats (holidays) in the Pagan year. The next one up is Spring Equinox, otherwise known as Ostara. Find out where Easter eggs really came from :-) This class will be given on a special loop, and will be taught by both me and the fabulous Heather Long. All the information will be available until the end of the year, so if you missed the first class, you can still catch up. The ongoing workshop is $40 for the entire year (with 8 Sabbats, that's only $5 a class!) with an information-packed post for each holiday that includes the basics, a ritual, and even a recipe or two.  

Whether or not you are interested in taking the classes, I'd really appreciate anything you can do to spread the word. And if you took the 101 and/or 102 class last year, what did you think? Was it fun? Informative? Turn you into a toad? (Gee, I hope not.)

We now return you to our regularly scheduled Cold From Hell, which we hope is gone by next week.

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