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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Next Up at the Workshop Loop--Witch Archetypes

As you know, I'm busy this month teaching my "Beyond Fangs" class at Savvy Authors. So the fabulous Heather Long, my Technical Handmaiden over at the Witchcraft & Writing loop, will be teaching our April class. I've got to tell you, people, this one looks FASCINATING. I'm going to be popping in and out too, don't worry, but I'm looking forward to learning a thing or two myself.

Here are the basics. Go sign up for this class right now! You don't want to miss it!

Class 4 - Witch Archetypes 

For: Authors and others with a desire to study the portrayal of witches in fiction and popular culture, including the defined archetypes as featured in popular novels by Candace Havens, Kim Harrison, Deborah Blake, Charlaine Harris and more.

Time: 4 days
Cost: $20
Date: April 26-29, 2012
Day One
  • Witches in popular fiction
  • Introduction of three archetypes
    • The Chaste Witch
    • The Succubus Witch
    • The Royal Witch
  • Assignment, create a witch character based on one of these archetypes, discover the challenges associated
  • Q & A
Day Two
  • Discuss Three Archetypes
    • The Crisis Witch
    • The Scribe Witch
    • The Servant Witch
  • Assignment, expand on the previous day’s assignment, integrating new qualities
  • Q & A
Day Three
  • Discuss Three Archetypes
    • The Teacher Witch
    • The Warrior Witch
    • The Wicked Witch
  • Assignment, what pros and cons do each archetype offer to your work
  • Q & A
Day Four
  • Discussing hereditary witches in and out of fiction, reality versus fantasy
  • Open Q&A, reviewing assignments, discussing how to infuse your work with fresh perspectives based on the witch archetypes discussed in the class.


  1. Are these workshops done online or on sight? If on line - how do they run? At certain times or...?

  2. The ones given at my loop are done online. You pay for the class, then you are sent an invite to the loop a couple of days before class starts. We post the classes first thing in the morning (EST) and people can respond to them whenever it is convenient. Then I (or whomever is giving the class) pop in and out over the course of the day to comment and answer questions.

  3. This sounds a bit interesting and would like more information. When do classes commence again, since I just found out about these classes? What is the cost and where are you located?

  4. Velvet--
    The Archetypes class is over, but we are doing new classes all the time.

    See where it says "Workshop" in brown letters above, and click on it for info on the upcoming classes. The next one starts Monday and is on herbal magick.