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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Done! Done! Done! And also, DONE!

Huzzah and hurrah! The massive revisions on SEEDS OF CHANGE are done and I will be sending the manuscript off to my beloved agent in a few minutes. You know, as soon as I finish doing my happy dance.

The book went from 90,300 words to 111,058 words...that gives you some idea of how major some of the changes were. I guess that's what I get for naming a book "Seeds of Change," eh?

Did I mention, it's DONE?!

Of course, this is publishing, so it is only "mostly done" sort of like the "only mostly dead" of Princess Bride fame, but still. There is a distinct possibility that Elaine will have more (probably minor) edit suggestions. And when it sells, my then-editor will have still more. But for now, it's done. And you know...I think it doesn't suck :-)

What's more, it is done in time for me to take the weekend off to relax and celebrate my birthday, which is Saturday. Speaking of which, I have a special surprise gift for YOU my readers, to celebrate with me. So check in tomorrow to see what it is.


*does happy author dance then falls over*


  1. Congratulations! Now for your miracle maker (your agent) to make you a miracle pill (with lots of chocolate) and get it sold!

    1. That would be very nice! Hopefully she'll have fun storming the castles...