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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Live chat today at 5 PM EST

Hi all!

I was supposed to do a live chat from Pantheacon with the fabulous Brandi, from Llewellyn. Alas, we had technical difficulties, so that chat is now rescheduled for today (Wed) at 5 PM EST at the Llewellyn Author Chat site


I hope you'll come join me. Feel free to ask be all those burning questions you've been saving up!


  1. I watched! I didn't create a sign-in, so couldn't interact, but I enjoyed the entire thing.

    You were so calm and collected, even with the technical difficulties! And I couldn't tell that you had a cold.

    Very good.

  2. Thanks Skye :-) You could tell if you were watching me now. Bleh. Thanks for watching!

  3. I was wonderingif you could tell me what being a phoenix in wiccan belief means?

  4. The phoenix symbolizes rebirth, usually by coming through some crisis (through the fire, literally or metaphysically). Being destroyed in order to be reborn to something new and glorious.