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Friday, December 6, 2013

Feline Friday!

I apologize for not being around much--this is my busy time, what with the shop, the jewelry making, and everything else. I know you're pining...PINING, I SAY...so I'll try to get up a real blog post soon. I'm also going to *try* to put up a few of the Spirit & Potential magical necklaces on Etsy this weekend, as some of you requested.

In the meanwhile, here are some cute cat pics to hold you over. For those of you caught in the grips of this winter storm, say safe and warm, please!

 Magic the Cat likes to stay warm by snuggling up with her mother Minerva.
 Samhain stays warm by perching on top of the pellet stove. She spends so much time up there, I bought her a special snuggly seat to go on top. No, my cats are not spoiled--why do you ask?
 I've been wanting to get one of those cool cat trees for ages, and finally was able to order one from my friend Ellen's groomer's catalog (at wholesale cost, which is how I justified it). I tried putting it in a bunch of different places around the living room, and everyone just ignored it. Then I left it right smack in the middle of the room when I went to go answer the phone. Naturally, THAT is the only place Samhain approved of. Not happening, dudette. Also, yes, maybe they are a *little* spoiled.
Angus, checking it out. There might be food hidden inside--you never know.

I hope you have something fun to play with this weekend!


  1. That looks like a truly elegant, engaging cat condo. Your kitties aren't spoiled, they're loved.

    Good luck with this hectic season.

  2. What Cathy said!

    The cats look great! I showed the pictures of the cat tree to Cindy, but she did mention that our kitty is way too big for that tree, given that he is a good 10 lbs and who knows how many inches larger than Samhain!

    Stay safe and stay warm!

    1. Not at all. Angus is about 12 lbs, and even Mystic is fine on it and he is almost 17.

  3. Nice to see your curious cats in the midst of my snowy day.