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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Family and Faerie Festivals

Lots of fun stuff happening this week! (Which means I won't be getting any writing done for the next few days, but that's okay, because sometimes you have to...you know...LIVE.)

The best thing is that my kid sister Becky (and by kid, I mean that she is younger by four years, and cuter by leaps and bounds) is coming out from San Diego with my nephew Stamo (15) and niece Athena (17). We're all meeting up in Schenectady, where we grew up, and where my other (middle) sister Sarah lives with her hubby--the ubertalented Rich--and my fantbulous nieces Addy and Bri, both of whom just finished their first year in college. We'll spend some time there, and some time here, and lots of time just hanging out and reconnecting. Probably playing multiple games of Apples to Apples, sitting by the BBQ, and just enjoying the rare opportunity to be together. [The last time we were all together was a year ago last Feb when our beloved grandmother died. This should be a slightly cheerier visit!]

Sarah, me, Becky. Aren't we a good-looking bunch?
The gorgeous Athena, Uncle Rich, and Stamo (that handsome devil). Stamo and Rich will probably take their shared love of baseball to the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown at some point, while the rest of us go to my shop in Oneonta or hang around my house.

Depending on how the schedule works out, I am hoping to also make it (with or without Becky and the kids) to the New York Faerie Festival up near Binghamton. I didn't get a chance to go last year, because I was in NYC at a conference, and it is a blast. The theoretical plan is for me and pal Ellen to drive up and meet Robin and the kids (who live 5 minutes from the FF) and spend the say together. There is music, all sorts of revelry, and I believe...jousting. http://nyfaeriefest.com/ I highly recommend it, if you live anywhere nearby.

This is probably as close as I'm coming to a vacation this year, so I intend to enjoy it as much as I can. I might even (gasp!) relax. After all, the writing and everything else will still be waiting for me when I get back.

Are you going to get together with family this summer? Go to a particularly interesting event? Share, please--I'd love to know!


  1. I'd love to make it back to the Oregon Coast, but don't know that that's an option this year. I may just stay at home and keep looking for work. It's too bad that unemployment and "staycations" just don't feel the same!

    1. Well, maybe you can give yourself an occasional "day off," with permission to go do something fun (and inexpensive). Are there any national parks or museums near you?

  2. Have a wonderful time. Apart from my quick trip to NYC, all I'm doing is going to RWA National. That will be my summer vacation, but you know what? it feels good. Not so stressful this year.

    1. Last year I did four conference/conventions. It was definitely too much. I'm a little bummed about not going to RWA this year (too far away, too expensive), but otherwise, I am happy to be less out-and-about. I might possibly go visit some friends who live in Connecticut, not to far from Mystic. All I really want to do this summer is go to the ocean. Sadly, I don't believe there is one in Schenectady!

  3. Yep. Family reunion the week of July 20th. Most of my relatives, meh. However, my little bro and his husband will be there. They are both fun!

  4. I love family reunions! I'm in Nova Scotia, Canada (grew up in Ontario), and I went to visit my family in Ontario (including my brand-new neice!) during the last week of June. It was a wonderful, special time, and even though it was a quick vacation, I felt like I got to spend quality time with everyone - parents, sisters, neice, etc. Glad you had fun with your family too!


  5. Wow you gals really all look alike! Three pretty sisters!