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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Magic in the Music: Lunasa

I went out last Friday to see an Irish band called Lunasa. They are on tour in the USA and happened to come to my little town between bigger venues. And we were damned lucky to get them. THEY ROCKED.

Those of you who have been here more than two or three times may have picked up on the fact that I spend most of my "free" time writing. I believe the term obsessive may have been bandied about. But it is true that, other than gatherings with Blue Moon Circle or the occasional movie with a friend, I rarely go out in the evenings. I'd rather be writing. (Also, my budget is somewhat restricted.)

But something about this group intrigued me enough to break my usual patterns and bestir myself to fork out $20, pull on my new  The Boots, and put on actual make-up. My pal Ellie (who runs The Artisans' Guild with me) and I joined a small but enthusiastic crowd to listen to this acoustic five-man band.

The band's name, Lunasa, is taken from a Celtic holiday (celebrated by Pagans like me) named for the sun god, Lugh. And I'm telling you, these guys shone like the sun; their joy for playing and their truly stunning musical skill made the night...well...magical.

If these folks come to a town anywhere near you on their tour, GO SEE THEM. You won't be sorry. And if not, go to their website and buy a CD. This music is the best remedy for the blues I've found in a long time...I dare you not to tap your toes!


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