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Thursday, January 26, 2012

New Witchcraft Workshop Loop--A Happy Report

As many of you know, I just started a new online workshop loop (with the invaluable help of author/Pagan pal Heather Long, who is much better at the techy stuff than I am). The goal was to provide a variety of Witchcraft classes--from intro to advanced, and everything in between--and a sprinkling of writing classes, many of which are aimed at the paranormal author. [That is to say, an author who writes paranormal-themed books, not an author who IS paranormal. Although those folks are free to come, too. Snicker.]

We just finished up the first class, an "Intro to Modern Witchcraft" basic. And I am happy to say that it was a HUGE success, far exceeding my expectations. We had 36 participants (including one who was given a scholarship due to circumstances--so if you ever REALLY want to take a class, and can't afford it, feel free to contact me and explain why--I'll probably give away one freebie either by contest or gift for each class). There was a tremendous amount of participation, with the "students" often offering information to each other, which I love. Everyone seemed to get what they were looking for, which isn't always the case. And a number of the folks who took this class are already signing up for the next one, on Spell Casting, which is very encouraging.

Heather and I are still looking at how we are going to run the loop on a long-term basis. We will probably give workshops 9 out of 12 months (we're both too busy in July, November, and December) and most of the classes will be led by me, with the occasional "guest lecturer" like Heather herself, and maybe some other Witches or authors. Some classes (like the "Intro" one) will probably be given once every year, while other will be one-off offerings.[Even when there is a guest teacher, I will still be around, adding my 2 cents and helping with questions when I can.]

So--a big thank you to all who took part this time around. You really know how to make an author and a Witch happy.

And if you didn't manage to attend this time, let me know if there is a class--or a guest teacher--you would particularly like to see in the future.


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