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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Contest Winner Melissa and Borrowed Husbands

Melissa is the winner! Contact me, Melissa and tell me which annual you want. (email me at magicmysticminerva at yahoo)

Today was "rent a husband" day. Snort. My pals Robin and Jess were kind enough to let me borrow their husbands for the day to get some major outside work done that I couldn't do myself. (I paid them, of course--it was a lot of work.)

Yay George! Yay Andrew! George got here about 8:30 and Andrew at 11, and I worked outside with both of them until about 4. They took down some pieces of trees and shrubberies that had gotten way overgrown, George re-wired a broken light for me (damned ice chunk!), Andrew mowed, and stuff like that.

But the big thing was the entrance to the house. Because I live in the country, the back door is where everyone enters the house. And I suddenly realized the other day that while I'd been cleaning, reorganizing and throwing out stuff INSIDE the house (in part to revamp the energy in a positive way, and in part because the stuff was just making me crazy), the outside of the house looked like sh*t. The concrete pavers that led to the door were cracked and crumbling and ugly gray. The door, which was installed 10 years ago, after I moved in, was still gray primer. There were weeds and piles of crap everywhere. NOT good feng shui, that's for sure. Also not pretty.

So George redid the pavers, and moved some hostas I had by the barn. And I FINALLY painted the danged door. Now it looks like this:

Yay! I'm going to buy a few pots of colorful flowers to jazz it up even more, but for now, I am tired and happy and very grateful for borrowed husbands.


  1. Great job, Deborah and borrowed husbands. The front door looks lovely. I am sure the chi will flow much more easily. - Deborah C.

  2. The red door looks fantastic Witchy!! We are getting ready to paint our front door red and I can't wait.

  3. Thanks Deborah and Sue. I keep walking outside just so I can look at it and walk back in :-)