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Friday, April 22, 2011

Feline Friday--Samhain, fighting the good fight

This is Samhain, my kitty who has been battling chronic renal failure for a year and a half. Her blood tests had been coming back with very encouraging numbers until her last visit to the vet in March, when they suddenly spiked (that's bad, btw).

So now she's getting her subq fluids every day instead of every other day, which she loves, as you can imagine. Other than the test results, however, she isn't showing any signs of illness.

Apparently she didn't get the memo that she was sick :-)

Here she is, resting up after a tough bout of having me chase her around the house to make her sit still for her treatment. Believe me--I looked worse.


  1. She's gorgeous! So sorry to hear she's sick. Hope she gets better. Sending positive thoughts both your way. :-)

  2. Thanks Pamela. She is gorgeous, isn't she. And tiny--only 7 lbs. But feisty as anything. I adopted her from a local shelter about 3 years ago.

  3. Bless both ya! I took Maha in and had her levels checked, the vet said great numbers so far. She does get really skinny for a week and then fills out nicely for another couple months. Then it repeats. Did Samhain ever do that? Sending best wishes for easier fluid treatments. I tried worming Luna (one eyed kitty) last night. Just wrapping her you would have thought I was killing her!I let her go due to the dogs getting riled up. That's all I would need..a crazed cat latched to my face while dogs jumped us both! :-O

  4. She is a beautiful cat. I have a gray and white cat named Bernie. He purrs all the time. He also gets under your feet. Drives me crazy but I like it that he demands his loving. A man who knows exactly what he wants and isn't ashamed to ask for it, why can't I find that in a human?
    FGBV's for good health for Samhain.
    I'm clicking more than once cause it's taking forever and looks like it's not doing anything. If it publishes twice, I'm sorry.

  5. Kathy--
    She got really skinny initially. The weightloss was how we figured out there was something going on. Since I started giving her fluids (and all the wet food she will eat), she has put the weight back on and kept it on. Hopefully we'll continue that way.

  6. My vet tells me it's a good thing our animal companions don't read the veterinary manuals. =). I hope Samhain continues not to read them for a long, long time.

  7. Since Maha's numbers were pretty good, the vet wants to try a wormer to see if it is something else other than the kidneys. She's totally indoors, but who knows what Luna brought with her. I found out that she was NOT wormed when she was in rescue. Some mix up when she had surgery or some such mess. My vet, Rick said that they get anorexic due to feeling yucky with high levels. They stop eating the kidneys still work, but slowly. That all flushes through and they get hungry again. A terrible cycle. How does her tummy do with a lot of wet food? Maha gets pretty loose. Ugh!
    He said he'd give me a recipe for homemade kitteh food to keep her protein lower. Let me know if you want it. I can send it via Facebook. You like wine, yes? Have you tried "Chocovine"?

  8. Yes, Chocovine is lovely, isn't it?

    Apparently the CRF kitties get nauseous when their levels are high, and don't want to eat. That's one of the reasons to keep up with the fluids,and keep the system working better.
    She doesn't have a problem with the wet food, but she also doesn't get just that--she has the KD dry (and the CD dry she snitches from Angus's bowl, since they share a room).
    I'm not at the homemade food stage yet, but send me the recipe anyway. Might need it eventually. She is a very picky eater :-)

  9. I shouldn't laugh, Deborah, but she's making sure you know she's not sick. And making you pay for being vet mommy.

    She's gorgeous and hopefully she'll feel even better soon. So you can nap. :}

  10. Go ahead and laugh, Linda. Why should the cat be the only one laughing?

    And yes, a nap sounds good!

  11. Aww poor kitty, but glad that she is doing well considering, I wouldn't know what to do with myself if my kitty was sick, I'd be a wreck! I also find it funny that I have the opposite problem, I have to monitor my Lil's eating habits she is addicted to dry cat food and wants to eat and eat and eat. If I do wet food and dry and have certain feeding times she stays at 8 pounds.

  12. Oh, yeah. The three cats who live downstairs all have their food measured out and had to be put on diets as they got older.

  13. Year a half! Ohhh poor kitty. Poor you. I hope the best for her.

    I see she's a tortoiseshell--we have a calico and a tortoiseshell, both of which are almost always female. So oue torty is not only a staunch feminist, but believes she is part of an cult of goddess worshiping witchy types, as I'm sure your cat must be. (And in fact when my feminist witch friend visited for the first time, Haley lurved her.)

    So my husband and I now love these kinds of cats, and my girls send all their best comfort vibes Samhain's way.